The American Coalition for Good Government foresees the following areas of concern as needs for establishing the American Winning Spirit for Success:

Sacredness of Life

  • We hold sacred all life (human, animal and plant) created by G-d.

  • We respect the order and nature of the creation.

  • We recognize and emphasize that human creation is not in conflict with the creation of G-d.

  • We believe all human beings are created by G-d equal and life is created with the wisdom for balance and harmony.

  • We believe in one G-d and one human family.

  • We believe the natural habitats of animals should not be tampered with and all life should have the freedom to live as G-d ordained.

Human Dignity

  • The American Coalition for Good Government supports human dignity for all people and the rights that come with human dignity.

  • On immigration, the ideals that America are founded on are divinely inspired and are good for other nations as wells. These ideals should be promoted worldwide…for America, this will also promote a national respect for human dignity, and lessen the chance for terror, and violence from one human being to another.

  • With our different colors, facial features, languages, political ideas and religions, we all have the same birthrights. The right to share space here and we have the right to dream of a better existence.

  • We respect and give credit to the human being for being intellectual.

Family Life and Health Issues

  • We hold sacred the protection of family rights; that is, seeing the due rights of fathers, mothers, children and senior citizens.

  • We believe the family is the first community and it is the foundation of American life.

  • We encourage the society at large to accept responsibility to grow strong families.

  • For the support and stability of family life, there must be three (3) things every family should have and that must be provided with government sponsored support:

    • Home ownership assistance (up to a specified dollar value).

    • Education (including parent education, civic and financial education).

    • Health Care.

  • We believe no parent who takes the responsibility to work full time should have to raise children in poverty.

  • We support all efforts which encourage employers to create a family friendly workplace, such as flex time and telework schedules, (http://telework.gov/), which allow employees the time needed to be good parents.

  • We support a universal health plan and a public option that provides affordable health care to all Americans.

  • We recognize the enormous opposition waged by insurance companies against this position, but we believe it is the right position for a nation with America’s resources.

  • We recognize the family as the cornerstone of the society and the first community.

  • We encourage the sacredness of life granted to us by G-d.

  • We encourage moral responsibility, in all aspects of life.

The Environment

  • We believe the human creation is not in conflict with the creation of G-d.

  • We believe man and the natural world are related and keeping the connection is absolutely necessary for the successful continuation of the human life and this majestic body of creation which supports and sustains all life.

  • We encourage the duty to preserve the earth and enhance the quality of life for future generations.

  • We support the duty to preserve the earth and enhance the quality of life for future generations.

  • We support and encourage participation in recycling efforts.

  • We maintain that the water we drink is pure, the air we breathe be clean, and the land we live on be free from environmental hazards.

  • We recommend that tax dollars be only used to clean toxic wastes and man caused tragedies when the responsible parties are unknown.

  • We believe our economic growth and development does not have to be sacrificed for America to champion responsible legislation and policies which will preserve our planets natural resources for our children and our children’s children.

  • We maintain that land, water and natural resources be respected in and out of war.


  • We assert that the human intellect be respected.

  • Historically, the American public school system provided vocational/technical schools to enable students to continue on to college to serve as apprentices or open their own business.

    • Vocational/Technical schools were privatized and students were forced to pay tuition to learn the trades they learned in high school.

    • The record shows that in these privatized schools tuition is high, graduation rates are low, and students seldom get placed in appropriate jobs and leave the school in debt.

    • Companies get government guaranteed student loans based on the number of students not their academic potential or appropriateness for the program.

    • The record also shows that these companies frequently file for bankruptcy and reorganize under another name; the result is federal tax dollars being misused.

  • We recognize that all human beings have been blessed with intelligence, and when encouraged, they will exercise that intelligence to make their own way in life, some will find employment in the private sector. They will become bus drivers, school teachers, factory workers, etc. but many will strike out on their own course seeking to start their own business. To become the employer as opposed to the employee.

  • We acknowledge that education is the key to opportunity and the real champion of all forms of freedoms.

  • We agree with those who say that education is the fault line that separates those who will prosper from those who cannot.

  • We believe our public schools need strengthening.

  • We believe more technology should be taught in the classrooms.

  • We maintain that drugs, perversion and violence should not be a part of the educational experience.

  • We support school vouchers and community schools for our tax dollars.

  • We support restoring Vocational/Technical High Schools, etc

Community Development

  • We believe that federal and state tax dollars will be better spent using a “Model Communities” program.

  • We support model communities that will be self contained with:

    • home ownership,

    • schools,

    • hospitals,

    • and the good services a community needs.

  • We recognize that we are interdependent of each other as participants in this world. The person in business needs the resources of the consumer to survive, and the consumer needs the products produced by the business to survive.

Economic Justice

  • We welcome the development of coalitions with other community based groups.

  • We support the focus on small business development and the identification of available land in the communities where strip malls can be built to house clinics and other types of business development.

  • We insist that our economics be taken from the control of the status quo, and put back in the hands of its rightful owners: ourselves.

  • We support a business environment that promotes a society that is not driven by the concerns of profits only, but also with concerns and respect for human beings as well.

  • We acknowledge that our current economic crisis is more than merely the failing of the economy; we see it as a prevailing climate of distrust, which emanates from a weak moral foundation that needs to be corrected.

  • We support the establishment of a climate of trust for business and business development.

  • We advocate economic justice for those left out of the economic prosperity of community life.

  • Our position is that wealth is good, wealth is not bad…

  • We acknowledge that poor people have dignity.

  • We acknowledge that among poor people you will find ambitions as big as the ambitions of the well off. Freedom in America means the opportunity to get what other citizens have and to compete with them to get more than they have if you have the ability to do so.

Property and Business Ownership

  • We support the right of every American to have a decent place to live.

  • We support the right of every American to own a business of his/her own if they choose to pursue it.

  • We support the right to develop business for the common good.

  • We value property ownership within our communities, and support those who strive to remove undue burdens from property and business ownership.

  • We dream of a better existence in America.

  • We want to get into situations where we can use our resources and improve our skills and become resourceful enough to produce for ourselves, so other communities won’t have to carry us.

  • We recognize that we must carry our own weight in this new millennium.

  • We encourage work for business establishment and economic empowerment in America for the good of all Americans.

  • We recognize that property ownership produces stability for families living with the communities of America.

  • We would like to see more families becoming home owners.

  • We support the elimination of unnecessary government regulations which stifle small business development without yielding any necessary protection for consumers and the businesses themselves.

  • We support government policies that encourage private sector investment and innovation to create a pro-growth economic climate.

  • We invite state and local governments to continue their efforts of developing partnerships with the private sector including small, minority and women-owned businesses.

  • We recommend that our government help employers respect the commitment of workers to their families and must work to provide good pensions and health care plans for all work Americans.

Community Violence/Victims Rights /Criminal Justice / Crime Prevention/ Prison Reentry

  • America has an abundance of citizens who work every day at two or three jobs and are still poor. America must eliminate poverty and homelessness.

  • We support all efforts seeking an end to the cycle of victimization of the weak within our towns and cities of America.

  • We have a commitment to aid the weak, the oppressed, the ignorant, the people deprived of culture and civilization.

  • We support policies and programs which empower victims of crimes.

  • We believe victims have a right to be heard and their voices should be welcomed and respected by the legal system of America.

  • We believe that community policing only works when the community works with the police, without trust between communities and law enforcement departments, effective community policing will not exist.

  • We believe that we must redouble our efforts to make sure that the good citizens of our communities and decent, hard working police officers are treated with the respect and dignity they deserve.

  • We contend that the recent killings of innocent Americans by law enforcement officers be eliminated.

  • We believe in punishment for criminals balanced with the wisdom of knowing that the majority of the men and women in prison will one day return to society.

  • We believe America in conjunction with Faith Based and community Associations should establish more prison re-entry programs and prevention programs.

  • We believe in the implementation of proven rehabilitation stratagems for the imprisoned population of America.

  • We believe that ex-offenders returning to society should be permitted to vote.

Public Officials

  • We support government policies that encourage private sector investment and innovation to create a pro-growth economic climate.

  • We recommend that public officials use their position to promote public good rather than selfishness.

  • We hold those entrusted with leadership to be accountable and responsible for the resources entrusted to them.

  • We maintain that Public Officials demonstrate fiduciary stewardship.

  • We require a degree of integrity from those we will entrust with leadership within our neighborhoods. As an individual moves higher up the ladder of success, the moral responsibilities become greater and the sensitivities have to be bigger.

  • We support leadership that has the courage to put in place a comprehensive strategy that will hold the government responsible and accountable for the resources entrusted to them.

  • We believe that good values, strong character, and responsibility are inconsistent with fraud, waste of resources and mismanagement.

  • We endorse human rights efforts which respect the universal standards of excellence established throughout the history of civilized societies.

  • We maintain that no state officials or congressional representatives put the interest of foreign governments above the interests of America and its citizens with regard to policies, treasure and military.

Responsible Freedoms

  • We encourage all religious leaders and social advocates to include responsible freedoms in their addresses.

  • We believe that the Freedom of Religion is fundamental to the American way of life and that no government entity has the right to prohibit the free exercise of this freedom.

  • We believe that freedom does not give anyone permission to lewd in public and to be disrespectful in deeds, speech and/or appearance.

  • We believe that all Americans have a right to free and unbiased media.

  • We believe that media represents the hearing sight and speech of a society and we encourage the establishment and support of those institutions who speak for the unspoken for as well as expressed the good will of humanity.

  • We believe that America should not go to war with, or in defense of any country without the expressed consent of the American People.

  • We believe in “national defense” and support the right minded efforts to defend and secure our country.

  • We acknowledge that since the inception of America to the present, Muslims have always defended the principles of America in times of war and peace.

  • We encourage moral responsibility in all aspects of life and that human society must seek to live in peace with their fellow man. Peace is not only the goal, but peace is the way.

  • We believe that ignorance is the main problem and the biggest problem is trust.

  • We believe that the best way to champion the call of freedom and the betterment of human life is to exert American leadership across a range of military, diplomatic, and humanitarian challenges around the world.

  • We encourage every school, college, religious community and social group in America to make service a part of its basic ethic.


  • We recognize that when America is united, we will always prevail. Americans will always have differences, and when we reach across those differences, we are stronger for it.

  • We realize that as human beings, we share an abiding set of values that define us as Americans. Our task is to draw strength from both – from our great diversity and our constant values – to fashion the future we want for all us.

  • We support a government that sees peace and democracy as products of decisive strength and active diplomacy. Diplomacy that protects our interests while also protecting our values.

  • We believe that a key to strengthening peace in the world is stable and peaceful relations among the world’s major powers and respect for all nations of the earth.

  • We are committed to alleviating oppression in all of its ugly forms, from the life of Americans and the life of humanity at large.

  • As America moves towards “a more perfect union”, we believe that a more balanced and evolved level of governance requires active engagement from all segments of the society. The historical record shows that a solely “free market economy”, profit as a motive and privatizing key industries (i.e. social security, Medicare, public education) does not produce the best result for all of the citizens of the country. There is a role for good government to protect citizen involvement, to provide laws for fair engagement and to be the voice and vehicle for all.